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Save the date!


How it works

Pick a date somewhere in 2020. Pick one at random, or one that's important to you. (Your dog's wedding anniversary? Game on.) Use the calendar to check if it's free (if there's a diary entry showing, then sorry, someone's already got that one), then fill in the form below to request it.

It costs £1 per date to enter, but if your date is the one we pull out of the hat you'll win a £25 Amazon gift card. We'll get in touch with payment details when we get your form.

If by some random chance two people ask for the same date at the same time, then whoever's form arrived second will get the next-nearest available date. We'll do the draw at the end of December 2020 - unless the diary fills up before then, in which case we'll do it when it fills up.

Good Luck!