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Polo Shirt

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Our polo shirts, in a 220gsm polyester/cotton mix, feature twin-needle stitching for extra durability whilst offering an all-day comfortable fit, and are so hardwearing that even Harry hasn't managed to ruin one yet!

Want your name on it?

Well, your Mum always told you to put your name on your kit, didn't she? To have your caching name embroidered on your shirt for just £4 extra, select "Yes, please" under the personalisation drop-down, and fill in your tracking name in the box below. Don't forget to click "save" before adding to your cart.

Make it a trackable?

If you already have a trackable code you would like added, we can include this as part of your £4 personalisation. Just put that in the tracking code box below.

Want a trackable top, but not got a spare code?

We can now sell you the tracking code as well for an extra £1.50 - just select "Yes, please" in the "Sell me a tracking code" drop-down, and we'll do the rest!

Confused about sizing? There's a guide here.

£ 19.00

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