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  • Just Donate
    Just Donate

    Want to support us, but got far too much geocaching-related stuff at...

    £ 1.00
  • Warwick Castle
    Warwick Castle Geocoin

    Warwick Castle, in its current form, dates from the 12th century, and is...

    £ 15.00
  • Holt Castle
    Holt Castle Geocoin

    Holt Castle dates from the 14th century. We can't sell you the castle...

    £ 15.00
  • Mega 2022 Pen
    Mega 2022 Pen

    Retractable ballpoint with Mega 2022 logo and nice chunky grip for ease...

    £ 1.00
  • Camo Bag
    Camo Bag

    Nylon camo bag, 37 x 26cm, drawstring closure. Works well for hiding...

    £ 2.00
  • Souvenir Tea-Towel
    Souvenir Tea-Towel

    So cool you'll never want it to go near your dishes, our souvenir...

    £ 10.00
  • Beanie Hat
    Beanie Hat

    Keep those all-important puzzle-solving brain cells (and, indeed, your...

    £ 11.00
  • Mega 2022 Mug
    Mega 2022 Mug

    Fancy a cuppa while you're solving the latest geo-puzzles? Of course you...

    £ 5.00
  • Lanyard

    Geocaching lanyard, white lettering on black. Has pull-apart safety clip...

    £ 2.00
  • T-Shirt

    Show your support with one of our t-shirts! They're 100% pre-washed...

    £ 14.00



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